World Records in ice sculpture

ice sculpture of Ice Age's
This icy version of the Ice Age character Scrat was, for a little while, the record-holding tallest ice sculpture until a group in China broke the record a few months later.

*updated 5/30/11

A team including myself, Joe Rimer of Ice Pro in Florida, Max Zuleta of Art Below Zero (Milwaukee & Chicago), Jim Ottens of Crystal Creations (Anaheim, CA), & Dominique Colell of Images in Ice (Southern CA) went to Alaska to attempt to set world records for the longest ice bar and the largest ice luge (or drink luge, in case you think we’re talking about the Winter Olympic event). The record attempts were in conjunction with the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. Our project website is at and we also have a facebook page.

Aside from our hoped for records (we are currently waiting for Guinness to certify them!), there are a few existing records in the world of ice sculpture:

Tallest ice sculpture
Until 2009, Michel Amman of France held the record with his ice version of the Burj Al Alam skyscraper. His record of 40.28 feet was set at Ski Dubai, in Dubai, U.A.E. Then late in 2009, a team from Ice Bulb in California broke the record with a 48 foot tall sculpture of “Scrat,” the character from the Ice Age movies (see the picture above). Early in 2010, however, a new record was set, 53 feet 2.58 inches, by a group in Yichin City, China with a massive dinosaur sculpture.

Dawson List works on
The tallest piece that I’ve worked on was Ancestral Spirit, as part of a team captained by Junichi Nakamura at the 2004 championships. At about 24 feet tall, the sculpture was quite imposing and a little nerve-wracking to work on, especially near the top, given the ice covered scaffolding that we were using. The record setting pieces, at around twice as tall as this, are truly impressive!

Largest ice maze
A group known as Roaming Buffaloes was responsible for the largest ice maze, which was created in Buffalo, NY in February 2010. The area the maze covered was 12,855.68 square feet, breaking the previous record of 8,280 square feet for the Pontiac Ice Maze, created in Toronto, Canada.

Longest ice bar
We’ve been informed by Guinness that the record for the longest ice bar was 50 m. (We beat that easily!) Follow us on facebook or check out our website for more details on our record setting project!

207 foot ice bar (with luge) in Fairbanks, Alaska

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